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The Office of Education Standards (OES) inspects services that provide education and skills for learners of all ages. 

The Office of Education Standards (OES) falls under the remit of the Portfolio of the Civil Service which includes the Office of the Deputy Governor. The Office of Education Standards (OES) is an independent, objective quality assurance department whose primary mandate is to inspect and report on the quality of education for all educational institutions in the Cayman Islands. The department helps the government to evaluate the standards of educational leadership educational provision, and student outcomes across a range of educational settings in order to improve the effectiveness of education for all.

The OES is responsible for the quality assurance services for education, focusing on the monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on educational standards in private and government schools, early childhood centres, colleges, universities, and other institutions as required. This is achieved primarily through a robust system of inspection utilising international expertise and reporting using agreed methodology and criteria; the development and publication of an agreed framework for school evaluation which helps drive change and improvements and promotes best practice across all educational institutions in the Cayman Islands; and the development and publication of an annual report which summarises inspection findings and helps guide policy implementation and recommendations.

The Office of Education Standards carries out a variety of inspection services across the learning and education sector. We keep pace with sector changes continually reviewing our approach and frameworks. We provide feedback and feedforward making the most of our insights.

  • Government primary and secondary schools, private schools, vocational colleges, sixth forms, and home schools.
  • Early years centres both government and private.
  • Publishing reports of our findings so they can be used to improve the overall quality of education and training.
  • Informing policymakers about the effectiveness of these services.