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Cayman Islands Associate Inspectors 2022

Cayman Islands Associate Inspectors 2022

24 Jun, 2022

Cayman Islands Associate Inspector Programme, 2022

This week, the Director and Senior Inspectors from the Office of Education Standards conducted the fourth staging of the Cayman Islands Associate Inspector Programme. This follows a similar training for a third cohort of Cayman Associate Inspectors in November 2021. The Cayman Associate Inspector Programme was devised to create a culture of continuous improvement in schools where school leaders use the inspection framework as a diagnostic tool for school improvement planning. The primary vision for the programme is the training and development of a skilled and professional cadre of Associate Inspectors. Training further promotes the transfer of knowledge and skills learned whilst taking part in the local programme of school inspection. Consequently, the focus is on developing a pool of local educators with the requisite skills, knowledge and understanding of inspection processes. The first cohort of Cayman Islands Associate Inspectors was trained in 2018. Facilitated over three days (June 21-23, 2022) the recent training was designed to fulfill key objectives including the following: 

To build the capacity of school leaders in the process of self-evaluation to improve awareness and ownership of the inspection process;

To train a cadre of local Inspectors to support the Cayman Islands Programme of Inspection and to build a base to ‘feed forward’ for future sessions focused on school improvement planning processes.

To ensure that Cayman culture and context has a focus during school inspections.

The OES team employs adult learning facilitation and competency-based methodologies that incorporate the experience of participants. Throughout the training emphasis was placed on a collaborative, hands-on approach that focussed on participants’ application of the course content to their job function. Having completed the three-day training, participants will be deployed on shadow visits in coming school year where they will be supported by an experienced inspector. Successful completion of the training is predicated on progression through a rigorous programme of screening, selection, training and induction, shadow visits and deployment over a minimum period of a year. Participants are usually middle and senior leaders employed in public and private schools and to the Department of Education Services and the Ministry of Education.


(Pictured above) Cohort 4, Cayman Islands Associate Inspectors Programme (June 2022)

Cohort 4 Participants (2022): Antoinette Cowan, Early Childhood Supervisor, Ministry of Education; Kiva Powell, Head of Professional Development, Ministry of Education; Wes Heistand, Teaching and Learning Coordinator, John Gray High School; Francesca Earl, Teacher, St. Ignatius School; Ruel Haughton, Teaching and Learning Coordinator, John Gray High School; Jewel Livingston, Literacy Specialist, Department of Education Services; Karl Murphy, Principal, Cayman Prep and High School; Elliot Smith, Special Education Coordinator, John Gray High School; Patricia Forbes, Deputy Principal, John Gray High School, and Robert Whan, Head of Academic, Cayman Prep and High School. Participants in the recent training are flanked by the OES team of facilitators: Director, Nicholas Sherriff, Senior Inspectors: Althea Edwards-Boothe, Carol Bennett and David Baldwin.

(Pictured below) Cohort 3, Cayman Islands Associate Inspector Programme (November 2021)

Cohort 3 Participants (2021): Jovanna Wright, Principal, Sir John A Cumber Primary; Jessica Jackson, Deputy Principal, East End Primary; Oneil Duncan, Principal, Cayman Academy; Marsha Seerattan, Deputy Principal, First Baptist Christian School; Robin Davies, Principal, Cayman Prep and High School; Mark Seerattan, Deputy Principal, John Gray High School; Yvette Gayle, Head of Humanities, Layman E. Scott High School; Gavin McDougall, Deputy Principal, John Gray High School; Natalie Scott, Head of English, Footsteps School; Donna Blackman, School Inclusion Specialist, Department of Education Services.