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Full inspections suspended until September 2022

Full inspections suspended until September 2022

10 Sep, 2021

As ex-teachers and senior leaders, the OES is aware of the challenges and stresses that inspection brings. The OES recognises the additional difficulties you find yourselves in, dealing with the latest issues regarding the pandemic. Furthermore, it appears such challenges may well persist in the early part of next year alongside the re-opening of the Cayman Islands during 2022. 

Therefore, the OES with Ministerial support will move full inspections from January 2022 to September 2022. Having suspended full inspections for the first half of the year while schools deal with the immediate concerns of the Covid-19 pandemic and the re-opening, we would like to advise you that the OES will deploy ‘thematic visits’ in early 2022. Only schools will have ‘thematic visits’ and early years (EY) will be involved in the new bespoke EY Inspection Framework development and creation.