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National Schools Progress Report

30 Jan, 2023

This report covers all school inspections between 2018 and 2022 highlighting improvements and areas for further development.

Annual Report 2022

09 Dec, 2022

Office of Education Standards (OES). Annual Report 2022. Data Analysis. A headline analysis of school inspection findings. December 2022

Thematic Survey data 2022

15 Jun, 2022

34% of students, 61% of school staff, and over 2000 parents completed the survey for the Thematic Visits 2022

Thematic Visit Report 2022

15 Jun, 2022

Thematic School visits took place from January 2022 - to April 2022.

2020 OES Annual Report

03 Feb, 2021

The analysis of the 2020 schools and early years inspections.

Inspection framework

01 Oct, 2020

Successful Schools and Achieving Students 2

Home Learning Inspection Report 2020: Private Schools

31 Jul, 2020

A review of home learning in Cayman Islands private schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. July 2020

Home Learning Inspection Report 2020: Government School...

30 Jun, 2020

A review of home learning in Cayman Islands Government Schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.